☆ Lamination is +$5 and will make your painting waterproof and much sturdier. 


Where is the store based?

☆ Plymouth, Indiana

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

☆ Yes, I do! Please order via DMs on twitter or instagram. Ordering directly through me will help me insure the proper shipping costs.

Do you accept commissions or personalized work? 

☆ Yes! I offer watercolor paintings. 

Watercolor is my primary medium and the one I’m most skilled at. Watercolor commissions range from portraits, flowers, designs, and more. Feel free to contact me for pricing!

Detailed pieces will cost extra

When will my order be shipped?

☆ Orders are usually shipped Monday & Saturday. 
However, there are cases where they may be shipped sooner/later, either way, you will be notified via e-mail when your order has shipped! (When applicable) 

•Shipping may take up to 2-4 weeks depending on how busy my shop is! Thank you for your patience and understanding!


What is this store's return and exchange policy?

There are no returns, no refunds, no replacements, and no exchanges.
Everything is shipped in pristine condition & packaged to ensure the items safety. 
Once the item has left my hands, I no longer have any control over them & will not be held liable for anything that may happen to them.

How long will it take to receive my order?

☆ Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 3 to 15 business days, depending on the efficiency of your local postal service.

What if something is wrong with my order?

☆ If you have a problem with an order from this store, please contact the store directly, through the Contact Page or Twitter DMs. 


When you purchase a painting/custom piece, you own the painting. You do not own the rights to the artwork.